Minecraft Earth New Update & Christmas Mob

With Minecraft Earth having it’s worldwide launch last week, this week we are given the first major update for the game. Although most changes are to focus on stability and bug fixes they did manage to sneak in a mob for the festive period. While you’re out exploring you can find the Jolly Llama! this… Read more »

Minecraft PS4 Bedrock Hotfix out now (

The much needed hotfix for Minecraft Playstation 4 bedrock is here, below are all the changes in the hotfix but we wanted to point out if you find any issues please report them. You can do this via in game or going to this link: https://bugs.mojang.com/projects/MCPE/issues/MCPE-59109?filter=allopenissues – It’s likely we will see more bug fixes… Read more »

Minecraft Earth’s Worldwide Launch Is Today!

The time has finally come, Minecraft players all around the world as of today will be able to download, install and play Minecraft Earth. Just in case you haven’t been keeping up to date. Minecraft Earth is Mojang’s augmented reality game bringing Minecraft to the real world, you can collect items, build in your kitchen,… Read more »


It looks like another Beta Build has made its way onto the Bedrock platform, Betas are only for Android, Windows 10 & Xbox. This only comes with a few changes, it’s said we will see another update in the up and coming weeks which will fix issues on PS4 Bedrock. PLEASE READ before participating in… Read more »

Minecraft PS4 Bedrock Released+ 1.14 Out Now!

New Features: PlayStation®4 Welcome PlayStation®4 players to the Bedrock version of Minecraft! All Bedrock platforms can now cross-play with PS4™ consoles. More information can be found in the Minecraft for PlayStation®4 FAQ. Bees! Bees are cute, fuzzy, neutral mobs Don’t hurt them, they don’t want to hurt you Bees love pretty flowers and spend their lives… Read more »

Minecraft 1.15 Buzzy Bees Out Now Java Edition

It’s the first release of many, looks like Minecraft the Buzzy Bees update has released for Minecraft Java Edition. Bedrock Minecraft will also see this update hit their platforms today, oh and of course Minecraft PS4 Bedrock too. Below is all the changes for this version BEE careful it comes with a sting. BUZZY BEES… Read more »