Minecraft 1.15 Update Releases Tomorrow

As 2019 comes to an end, it’s time for Minecraft to see it’s final update of the year. This years Holiday Update comes with Bees, Hives, Nests, Honey block and much more. The year 2020 already has Minecraft players excited for the future of the game. Today we have the final pre-release in preparation for… Read more »

Minecraft PS4 Bedrock Official Disc Copy Details

Minecraft Playstation 4 the forgotten version of Minecraft, well it looks like the forgotten version is about to join the better together program also know as Minecraft Bedrock. Today we have been given official pictures of Minecraft PS4 Bedrock in local stores across America such as Walmart, Best Buy and others. The first teasers about… Read more »

Minecraft Playstation 4 Bedrock Leaked At Walmart

Minecraft Playstation 4 bedrock certainly is a hot topic in the Minecraft community right now, we are now starting to see reports of the disc version of the game in Walmart stores across America. This follows on from the story we covered earlier this week with websites in Czech Republic & Hungary (Click here for… Read more »


That’s right another Beta for Minecraft Pocket Edition the bedrock version. It’s likely this is the last beta before 1.14 releases for all the bedrock versions – It’s recently been confirmed that the Minecraft Bees update will release next week 10th/11th of December 2019. Official Minecraft twitter confirmation Fixes: Fixed several crashes that occurred during… Read more »

Minecraft Bedrock Realms Plus Now Available

During Minecon 2019 the Minecraft team announced a soon to be released “Minecraft Realms Plus” This is a huge update/change to Minecraft Bedrock Realms – Realms plus brings bedrock realms a little closer to how Java realms work. Realms plus includes access to 50+ marketplace content such as maps, skins, addons and more. Minecraft Realms… Read more »

Minecraft’s Combat Is Changing Again

That’s right Minecraft combat is changing “Again” – Even to this day Minecraft 1.9 the combat update was the most controversial update ever added to the game. Good news, that’s all about to change and Jeb himself is taking control of this soon to be update. So far we have had 4 combat test snapshots,… Read more »